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Žepče, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Zepce is considered both a town and municipality in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, located between Doboj and Zenica. Zepce is located in a valley surrounded by mountains with Bosnia river flowing through town. By arriving in the Municipality of Zepce you may expect numerous sites of old excavations, numerous sources of water where you can enjoy natural beauty that will inspire you. Traditions and urban life are intertwined here, as well as the past and the present, and wonderful and pleasant hosts will give out a welcome only obtainable in Zepce area.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

In the municipality of Zepce, following cultural and historical Monuments can be found:

- Tombstones in the area of the site Pazaric and Novi Seher,
- The sites of Roman houses in the area of Novi Seher
- The Orthodox Church in the city center, built in 1894,
- Jewish cemetery near the city, is 300 years old,
- Ferhad Pasha Mosque in the center of the city, built in 1568,
- Alibeg’s Mosque in the city center - was declared a national monument

Zepce is also popular for its 14 mineral water springs, which are called "God’s gifts".
Thanks to its land’s diversity, Zepce has a great potential in the development of different forms of tourism. Resourceful of the animal world is reflected in the fishing and hunting tourism, while hiking trails and mountain lodge with five sports and recreational centers are an additional magnet for all lovers of sports, recreation and nature.



The most important events held in Zepce area are:

- "Street costume party", parade through the city and costume party in April,
- International chess tournament "Anto Markanović" - in May,
- Traditional "prela" - a traditional cultural event of historical and folk themes held during the summer in local communities Osova, Bistrica, Radunice
- Folklore Festival that takes place in the end of July in Zepce
- “Globaricka cycling race” a sporting event - driving leisure-type drives between Globarica - Zavidovici - Viniste - Žepče - Zavidovići Bistrica - Globarica, a distance of 49
kilometers - in early August,
- Days of Indian summer Cultural and folklore event -
the oldest folklore festival in this region, which has been held for 13 years (the end of August),
- "Fishermen's Night" - the cultural cuisine events to mark the Day of the Zepce Municipality on October 14th,
- International Cup "hook float" on October 14th



Zepce area has numerous culinary delights very specific for this area. By visiting to Zepce, tourists usually taste homemade plum, cider and pear brandy, with the most famous pear brandy named "Karamut", which does not grow in the southern regions, and is known only in the wider region of Zepce and Doboj.



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