Vareš, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Vareš, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Vares is a beautiful mountain town with an altitude of 829 meters, located in Stavnja river valley, 45 km from Sarajevo, surrounded by high mountain ranges such as: Kapije (Gate), Stijene (rocks), Zvijezde (stars) and Perun. Vares is the administrative center of the Municipality of Vares, which is located in the Zenica-Doboj Canton, located 45 km from Sarajevo and 80 km from Zenica.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Vares is richly endowed with mountainous areas covered with dense ancient forests, hiding its clear streams and green meadows with picturesque villages and places to visit.
Crisscrossed with clear streams and sparkling rapids full of trout, Zvijezda, mountain beauty of Vares, all scented with pine resin and twittering singing birds, it is a true remedy for the soul and accidental and/or deliberate eyes (increase is on more deliberate visitors).
The vast mineral wealth lies below the surface of Vares hills, but there are signs of ancient times iron stone digging iron flux.
On the limber site called Smreka (Spruce) founded were mining lamps and tools from the Roman period and the plaque with the inscription Villicius Procurator (which means supervisor, an important worker). Vares village Dubostica was considered by King Tvrtko a treasury of his kingdom, as it was the regional mining cente..
True beauty of this place gives it enormous possibilities for development of summer and winter tourism, particularly rural, where people's kindness is an example of hospitality to follow.
Crisscrossed with clear streams and sparkling rapids full of trout, Zvijezda, mountain beauty of Vares, represents a true remedy for visitors' soul and vision

Cultural and historical monuments to visit are:

1. The Church dedicated to the Holy Virgin Shroud, historical monument;
2. Dabravine with remains from the Bronze Age and late antiquity, the archaeological site;
3. Kovacnice (Forging pits) in the village Očevija, the historic site;
4. Necropolis with tombstones Stupni Do, the historic site;
5. Necropolis with tombstones and old gunpoint sites in the village Budozelje, the historic site;
6. Workers' village Majdan, the architectural complex;
7. Medieval royal city of Bobovac, the historic site;
8. The parish church in Vares, the architectural complex



Events worth visiting as part of Vares Summer Festival:

1. Peka making competition (traditional) "Peka Vares";
2. BH paragliding Cup Accuracy Landing "Perun Open Air";
3. Summer and winter Dzip Festival 4x4 Dzipijada Fest called "Off Road";
4. Cycling race "Steel Valley Challenge - Cycling to Health";
5. Vares Classic Festival - an international festival of Chamber (classical) music



Vares offers many other attractions in which everyone can find something for themselves such as: Old stone bridge in Vares, Mosque Karici, Healthy road Strica-Zarudje, Ethno Museum Pogar, mini ski lift - Klara, mini ski lift - Zarudje, reservoir lake Smreka, speleological complex Stijene - rocks (one of five caves in the world with traffic in both directions).



In Vares you will not be with empty stomach because its residents will host you in a true traditional way, as they do that so well by nature. They have a number of authentic dishes that offer a more famous are Vares peka, Vares whole milk and dried cheese, trout and traditionally prepared dishes, Bosnian pies, donuts, pastries etc.



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