Trnovo, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Trnovo, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

Municipality of Trnovo is located south from Sarajevo, on the M18, main road Sarajevo-Foca-Trebinje which links the Adriatic Sea to the continental hinterland.
Trnovo itself is situated in a valley, along the lowlands of Zeljeznica River (railroad river) bounded by mountains Bjelasnica on the west, Treskavica in the south and Jahorina in the northeast, by which this Municipality is mainly recognizable. Zeljeznica River with its beauty especially at Kazani premises as a special attraction for tourists, hikers, fishermen and hikers. With 2088 meters above sea level, Treskavica represents the highest Sarajevo mountain it is only 300 meters below thehighest point in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to thi mountain and abundant natural resources offered only by this place, Trnovo has always so much to offer to its hikers and tourists looking for an adventure.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Cultural and historical monuments worth visiting are certainly:

1. Temple of St. George from 1882
2. The Mosque in Trnovo built in 1565
3. Thombstones



Some of the most significant events in the municipality of Trnovo are:

1. St. Sava Event in January
2. Easter Event, April-May
3. Days of Petrovaradin's culture in July
4. Saborski Evening in September
An event dedicated St.Petka (Paracheva) in October



Municipality of Trnovo has significant potential for development of mountain and rural tourism. Jahorina and Treskavica mountains, Zeljeznica River, diverse flora and fauna and mild climate represent tourism potential worthy of serious attantion.



Local cuisine in the framework of rural households. Also, hikers preparing traditional beans dishes. You will be more than satisfied with local cuisine and won't leave Trnovo without satisfying yourself with number of homemade specialties.



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