Travnik, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Travnik, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

Municipality of Travnik is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with distinct characteristics of the mountainous and hilly areas, rounded off as traffic and geographical area. Travnik sits in the narrow valley of Lasva River and is surrounded by slopes of Vilenice massives of Vlasic. The narrow valley stretches from the village of Turbe to Doc on Lasva where it spreads into the Travnik field.
The best geographic definition of this town is attributed to the famous actor Josip Pejakovic from Travnik who noted that Sarajevo as today’s the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually located near Travnik. This proves an allusion from back in the days of throne like order and tranquility, when Travnik was the “city of most gentlemens on earth".


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Travnik is called “an open door museum” with visible traces of the past and all historical epochs, civilizations and cultures present in Bosnia, from tribal alliances to the empires and kingdoms that succeeded each other and merged. If you go to the top of Bukovica, the hill above the blue water, you will come across the Illyrian ruins and tumulus, the ancient Guca Gora where the elderly Catholic woman traditionally tattooed their arms as a custom from the extinct Illyrian tribes; in the center of Turbe you will see parts of Roman basilica, in the neighboring villages Varosluk and Tenici there are tombstones from the period of Bosnian Kingdom, while in Travnik there are still living women from Muslim bey families that are mutually correspond with “Bosancica” as medieval script.
The tour of Travnik begins with the downtown, while Vlasic Mountain imposes itself as something not to be missed representing a true trademark of this municipality.



Events that include many cultural events are:

1. Andric days
2. Days of Travnik municipality
3. Days of Ajvatovica
4. Ilhamija days
5. Brass-wind orchestra event
6. Summer in the Old Town



The beauty and diversity of nature in conjunction with cultural and historical sites scattered across the entire territory of Travnik municipality are an ideal base for the development of diverse and specialized tourist offer of eco (rural) households, through religious, archaeological and ethnographic tourism to recreational programs, and offers (mountain cycling) with possibility of creating a large number of combined programs.



When it comes to gastronomy, regionally famous brands of Travnik cheese and chevaps have already taken a very important place within the tourist offer as a culinary component of more or less all the hotel and restaurants.



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