Srbac, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Srbac, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Srbac is a small town in the center of the municipality at the mouth of the Vrbas and Sava in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. From the north with Sava River, it borders with the Republic of Croatia, 42 km in length. From the west it borders with the municipality of Gradiska, from the southwest municipality of Laktaši, to the south the municipality Prnjavor and the east with the municipality of Derventa. This municipality has a relatively well developed transport and communications. Through Srbac runs north-Bosnian highway New Topola-Derventa highway, which is the most important travel route in the municipality.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

From cultural and historical value in the municipality Srbac standing out primarily are religious buildings: Osovica Monastery, a large number of Orthodox churches as well as religious buildings of other religions. There is also a large number of archaeological sites, most notably Lower Valley with prehistoric, ancient and medieval sites. From the Middle Ages have been preserved several standing tombstones in localities Brusnika, Zupa looms and Lepenica.
Mountain Region Motajica has large forest resources. This area has a large forest resources and is ideal for development of hunting tourism because it represents the habitat of many species of large and small game, primarily wild boar, roe deer and foxes. The highest peak is Motajnice Gradina (652m), which also represents one of the favorite resorts locals.



In the municipality a large number of events during the year are held and the most important are: The art and ecological colony Bardaca, Gastro Fest Srbac-Bardaca, Srbac regatta, Motorijada, Autumn street fair of honey, bee products, handicrafts, art and craft products,  Days of culture, Miholjdanski fair,etc.



The municipality Srbac rich in natural beauty and resources. Crisscrossed with streams of Sava and Vrbas, numerous streams and rivers, with the abundance of forests and greenery, ecologically preserved mid and healthy food ,, Srbac municipality is a true oasis for artists, hunters, fishermen and lovers of nature and healthy living. The rich hydrographic network consisting of Vrbas, Sava, Stublaja, Matura, Povelic, Osovica and numerous other channels, providing excellent conditions for fishing, rafting, recreation and water sports.



Bardaca area has a long tradition of fish farming and is the gastronomic specialty typical of this area famous Bardack braised carp, which is prepared in the traditional way by the old recipes as the fishing tradition in this area. In addition to the specialties that are prepared in wine and homemade cream, Bardaca is famous for other fish dishes, especially fish soup, perch in cream, fried catfish.



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