Sokolac, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Sokolac, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Municipality of Sokolac is a village in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The municipality covers Glasnicka plateau at the foot of the mountain Romanija. Its position, in terms of tourist routes, is very good. Located at the crossroads, one direction leads to Sarajevo to Jahorina, Belgrade and northern parts of the Balkans but also to Herzegovina and Croatia.
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Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Plateau Glasinac is the region with exceptional possibilities for a vacation in the countryside and experience of rural tourism with the traditionally good and environmentally healthy food. Preserved nature, elevation from 900 to 1100 meters, health spa with clean mountain air intertwined with the scent of hay, flowers, pine, pastures, sound of clear rivers, enriched with caves, vast hunting grounds and numerous ponds areas Sokolac makes an ideal holiday destination both domestic and foreign tourists. Natural attractions are the largest trees registered in the Municipality of Sokolac. The belt of meadows and pastures are habitats of a number of medicinal plants. Since it is a limestone substrate, the plants are rich in calcium, which improves bone strength.
Sokolac producers of honey and other bee products are the bearers of a great number of awards in many exhibitions. With traditional hospitality, Sokolac cherishes folk dances and native traditions with fiddle and ojkace and preserve folk costumes.
Thanks to its favorable climate, wooded areas and streams Biostica and Kaljina, rich flora and fauna, the area of Sokolac is extremely favorable for the development of hunting, fishing, health and recreational tourism. Catering services are an important part of the overall tourism offer with accommodation, traditional hospitality and a wide array of specialties of local cuisine have a significant position in efforts to make the area of the municipality is a major tourist destination. Guests who decide to visit Sokolac can choose to enjoy the outdoors or to be active seeking ethnic, sports, cultural, historical and religious, culinary and adventure activities. They can also do mountain hiking and picking wild berries and medicinal plants, hunting, fishing and other various sports activities but also to treat asthma, insomnia, stress.



Some of the most important events of this region are the Easter festivities that take place in the period from April to May, Days of Vidovdan poetry, Mowing determined for days in July, Day of Sokolac – Ilindan (St. Elias) , gentlemanly culture evenings that take place in the second half of August, Sunday and Child Days Children joy - the first half of October and the last week of December, annual concert cultural club Romanijska beam and motorcycle meetings in Romanija.



The municipality of Sokolac has the best conditions for development of hunting tourism. Part of the Forest Management Romania business unit of work Hunting, which manages two hunting areas, special hunting ground Romania and hunting Glasinac. Both belong to the type of mountain hunting grounds and there are numerous species of wildlife: bears, wolves, rabbits, foxes, deer.
Rivers Kaljina and Biostica are enriched with brook and rainbow trout, grayling and sprout and Association of sport fishermen Bioštica is responsible for preserving and maintaining fish stocks.
Before you join something stronger river Bioštica, water Kaljina performs a small miracle - Buk. The rift rocks, waterfall power eroded as for expanding natural pool, creating a strange beach. Here lies a grassy green winds of sheltered wooded and rocky cliffs. It is an ideal place for hikers, sports and recreation.
In the municipality of Sokolac prevalent coniferous forest that occupies a lot of space. Green decor conifer forests has a calming and refreshing scent of resin body. Clean air without allergens has a calming effect and a positive effect on recovery from a serious disease which creates a good prerequisite for the development of health tourism and there are excellent conditions for sportsmen and their fitness and conditioning training.




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