Sarajevo Centar

Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Property Description

The city of Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the largest urban, cultural and social center known for its traditional, cultural and religious diversity. Sarajevo is assigned the name "European Jerusalem" because it is a home to different faiths and traditions, where in the immediate vicinity one can find places of worship of all monotheistic religions: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Islam and Judaism. The tourist offer of the municipality Center is a priority in the field of cultural tourism.

Our goal is rebranding cultural tourism product and change a perception of potential tourists towards the city of Sarajevo.

Not even local residents know that for more than 4000 years many have lived in the vicinity of the municipality of Centar.

  • The oldest settlement is the Neolithic site of Debelo Brdo / 2000 year before New Age, and it was declared a National Monument
  • Ancient-period
  • III-I century. Before n.e. The Roman conquest
  • VI century. n.e. End of Roman rule
  • Middle Ages period of the Bosnian state
    • 1238/39. n. e. The first mention of Vrhbosna in the charter of Bela IV (market, Koševski creek, along Miljacka valley)
  • Ottoman period from 1462-1878 (present architecture: religious buildings Ali Pasha's Mosque and Magribija, as the whole street / stara mahala - old neighmorhood)
  • Austro-Hungarian period 1878-1918 (the urban center of Sarajevo with a number of important facilities)
  • The period of 1st Yugoslavia from 1918-1941 (objects and buildings)
  • The period of 2nd Yugoslavia from 1945-1992
  • Period of independent Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1992

One of the competitive advantages of the tourist offer of the municipality of Center in the field of cultural tourism how “old and new” meet

Tourist offer also offers attractions from Neolithic sites to modern important facilities and events.

In the municipality of Center there are the most important sports facilities of the XIV Winter Olympic Games (Skenderija, Zetra Olympic stadium Kosevo). The municipality of Center has a complementary tourist offer of the municipality of Stari Grad, because together they make up the historic center of Sarajevo.

Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Declared national monuments in the Municipality of Center -Historical buildings and architectural ensemble:

  1. The Mosque of Alipasa,
  2. Debelo brdo,
  3. Jewish cemetary,
  4. The Mosque of Magribija,
  5. National Museum,
  6. Church of St. Joseph at Marijin Dvor,
  7. National Theatre,
  8. The Palace Musafija,
  9. The Palace of Solom,
  10. Residential complex on Dzidzikovac,
  11. The building of Marijin Dvor and inner inside courtyard,
  12. The Building of Pension Fund (corner of Marshal Tito street and Hamza Humo street),
  13. Building of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Government Building I) with movable heritage,
  14. Government Building II (Railway building),
  15. Building of the National Wakuf (Islamic community in BiH and Wakuf office) and Hadin Ali pasha Vakuf,
  16. Firefighters barracks,
  17. The National Bank,
  18. Academy of Fine Arts.
  19. Sarajevo National Theatre is the biggest theater house in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built 1897.

Significant objects of cultural and historical heritage in the Municipality of Center are under the protection of the Cantonal Institute for Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage:

  1. The National Mortgage Bank, Central Bank,
  2. Judicial Palace, Faculty of Law,
  3. Building of Vakuf of Hadin Alipasa, Reis-ul-Ulema
  4. Cinema Apolo
  5. Palace of the military post and telegraph, Main Post Office,
  6. City Market, Markthalle,
  7. Community Centre, National Theatre,
  8. Grand Hotel,
  9. Villa Mandic, the building of the Museum of the XIV Winter Olympic Games,
  10. Palace Mary's Court, residential and commercial building Augusta and Maria Braun
  11. The Palace of Halid, residential commercial building Mustafa Hadžibaščaušević
  12. Building of the First High School
  13. Men's elementary school 14. The school education teacher, once Dormitory in Radiceva
  14. Women's Madras,
  15. Building La Benevolencije (now the Ministry of Interior of Sarajevo Center)
  16. Building firefighter’s barracks
  17. The Bank Slavija
  18. School dormitories (FIS)
  19. Cobanija bridge
  20. Skenderija bridge (iron)

Within natural heritage, more attractive is the offer of mountains: Trebevic, Crepoljsko, Bukovik and Bjelasnica, Jahorina, and Igman where they held the Olympic Games.

The greatest attraction represents a natural monument Skakavac (Grasshopper) - protected area of 1430.70 ha. Waterfall Skakavac is located 12 km north of Sarajevo, with 98m hight of the fall as  the highest waterfall in Europe, which is possible to visit at any time of year.


The most important events in the city of Sarajevo is held on the premises of the Center Municipality. The most significat cultural events are:

  • Sarajevo Film festival,
  • MESS festival of small and experimental stages
  • International Music Festival "JAZZ FEST SARAJEVO”
  • International Festival Sarajevo "Sarajevska zima"
  • Kid's Festival
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam live in Sarajevo
  • Beton Fest- street art festival (August 25-28, 2016)
  • Juventa Festival (International Festival of Highschool Creativity Drama Festival)
  • European Night of Explorers BiH (International event for promotion of scientific work and inovations)
  • Sarajevsko winter

Art galeries and permanent exhibitions:

  • Permanent exhibitions: Oprostorena intima at the Art Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Permanent Exhibition professional painter Adina Hebib, designer of unique Mia Habib and sculptor The only Seleskovic- Club Gallery Painter
  • Exhibition of Contemporary Art ARS AEVI
  • Gallery Boris Smoje
  • Gallery Paleta
  • Gallery Collegium Artisticum
  • Gallery Roman Petrovic

Enriched offer in film and theater world can be viewed at the following cinemas / theatres:

Multiplex Cinema City

  • BH Konoteka
  • Cinema Obala Meeting Point
  • Art Cinema Kriterion
  • Kinoteka
  • Kamerni Theatre
  • BKC
  • Youth Theatre
  • Academy for theater and film - scene coast

Fair event at the Sarajevo Fair:

  • 28th Sarajevo Book Fair (April 20-25, 2016)
  • 34th International Fair of Forestry, Wood, Furniture and Interior Design - INTERIO (March 16-20, 2016)
  • 3rd International Fair of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture - EXTERIO (March 16-20, 2016)
  • Fair of Trade, Agriculture, Crafts and Consumer Goods (December 15-18, 2016)
  • 40th Fair of Consumer Goods (December 15-18, 2016)
  • Children's Fair (November 4-6, 2016)
  • International Coffee Fair - Sarajevo Espresso Specialist
  • International Fair of Textile, Leather, Clothing, Footwear, Fashion and Accessories "IFATEX"
  • International Fair of Tourism and Tourist Exchange
  • International Fair of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment and Catering


Additional tourist micro-locations are:

  • Lookout-Avaz Twist Tower
  • Lookout - Hotel Hecco Deluxe
  • Ferhadija is a pedestrian zone and the most famous Sarajevo promenade that runs through Sarajevo Municipalities of Center and Stari Grad.
  • Pioneer Valley is the only zoo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the Municipality of Center, and located only 2 km from the downtown. This tourist micro location is known as the home of various animal species and is enriched with a variety of horticultural facilities, flora and fauna offering entertainment content.