Property Description

Sapna is a city and Municipality in eastern Bosnia. The Municipality was formed in 1998 from parts of Zvornik Municipality and is located on the territory of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sapna municipality borders the municipalities Teocak and Kalesija (Federation of BiH) and Lopare and Zvornik (Republic of Srpska). It is connected with Kalesija and Zvornik by road, while the regional road from Sapna with municipalities Teocak and Lopare built towards Godus. The rest of the road to Teocak is in the preparatory stages of further construction.

Perspectives of Municipality of Sapna is reflected in enriched forest areas, the communication connection, clean lake, ecologically unspoiled nature and the possibilities for development of tourism. The focus of the Municipal development is the agricultural development and the development of SMEs.

Sapna region is a very visited especially during summer months when diaspora citizens return for visit.

Cultural and historical heritage, Natural beauties

  • Tombstones at sites in Sapna, Medjedja, Rastosnica and Baljkovica;
  • Hindsight of the transitional period;
  • Monument of anti-fascism in Vitinica
  • Monument of the national hero Mehdin Hodzic;
  • Monuments to killed soldiers of the last war in the local communities of Kraljevici, Sapna, Zaseok, Godus, Kobilici, Kovacevici, Nezuk and Vitinica.
  • locations around the lake Snijeznica in Rastosnica,
  • private picnic spots



  • Economic and Cultural event "Aapples and jam Day"
  • Cultural event "Sapna summer"
  • Festival of sevdalinka (traditional/etno music)



  • Crkviste and Baljkovica Caves
  • Central Part of the Municipality
  • Salvation road Nezuk-Potocari-Srebrenica

Sapna Municipality area has been hosting  for many years participants of the March of Peace of Nezuk towards Potocari in Srebrenica. The goal of March of Peace is for participants to experience the emotional part of the suffering while imagining passing through death that affected citizens of Podrinje and Srebrenica, in the war of 1995 over 8,000 people were dead, many of which were women  and minors.Safety road each year passes over 5000 participants from various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.
Salvation road is visited by over 5000 participants from different parts of Bosnia i Herzegovina and abroad.



Gastro offer in Sapna is a traditional Bosnian cuisine. Still, for tourist experiencing Sapna we shall mention the following:

  • Pita Puhnjaca (with jam)
  • Pita Kljukusa
  • Presmac