Rudo, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Rudo, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Rudo Municipality is located in the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its mostly it borders with Serbia and Montenegro. The town of Rudo is located in the hilly and mountainous region of the lower course of Lim River, 20 kilometers before it flows into the Drina River, at an average altitude of about 400 meters.
Rudo has a enriched cultural and historical heritage, which is reflected in the important cultural and historical monuments and buildings. In Rudo you can find necropolis of thombstones, memorials relating the Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic, who was born in Sokolovic, near Rudo, then monasteries, churches, mosques and historical characteristics of the I and World War II.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The villages are ecological oasis in the Municipality. Tourists can be offered healthy food prepared according to traditional recipes, they can also enjoy fresh air, walking, hiking, hospitality and cordiality. Special touch give villages Cvrkote, Djurovic and Ravanci.



Some of the events that take place in this region are:

Vidakovic days of culture,
the St. Sava celebration, St. Peter's ceremony
Municipality Day,
Lim biathlon,
International event Rudo and Priboj,
International Folklore Festival,
Festival of Goulash in Stracinci.



Once you get hungry absorbing all this art, history and nature, it is time to rejuvenate with traditional dishes of this region. After some ham, brandy, cream, many prepared dishes, lamb roast, fish soup, cicvara, cream liquid jam,  fresh plum and wolnut pie, you will not need anything else to circle the day and round up your impressions. Your eyes full of beautiful nature and history, as well as your stomach stuffed with home made food, will definately be a great reason  to come to Rudo again.



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