Banovići, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Banovići, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

Municipality Banovici is a mining town located in the northeast Bosnia, on Konjuh mountain slopes with urban part located on Litva river bank. Development of the town and municipality derived from the coal exploitation, making Banovici the coal center of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Expansion comes after World War II, after construction of the famous railroad Brcko-Banovici when the first tons of „dark gold“ went to Belgrade. Historical facts found here witness human life and activity from the earliest history. The oldest known settlement was found on Gradina hill slopes and according to the material culture dates from prehistoric times. Blacksmith coins from the Roman Empire were also located in this area. The town used to be named Litva, named by the river with the same name, and current name comes from tombstone of Bozicak Banovic, medieval headstone nearby. Thanks to the breathtaking nature, Banovici represents a pleasant place to live and to visit.


Cultural and historical heritage, Natural beauties

Banovici Municipality holds natural potential with Konjuh mountain slopes, attractive tourist destinations enriched with untouched nature, clean air, most beautiful water cascades and artificial lake and enriched flora and fauna. Unused recourses in Banovici are a solid ground for development of different types of tourism. Centers for sport and recreation, Zlaca and Mackovac, picnic sites Zlaca, Zobik, Mackovac, hunting destinations, hiking house Varda, Ramicko i Brestica lakes, rivers Velika and Mala Zlaca, Oskova, Litva, tourist narrow track railroad, tourist train Ciro, tombstone of Bozicko Banovic, Turkish graveyard, Gradina in Tulovici, many mountainous trails, etc. are some of many tourist offers of great importance for Banovici, Tuzla Canton and further.



  • "Prvomajski uranak"(May Day Daybreak – main event ackgnowlidging May 1 in Tuzla Canton)
  • Tradition meetings
  • Literacy meetings Lejla Avdic
  • Traditional mountainous route "Veljaca"
  • Traditional rise to Zelemboj


  • Marked hiking trails to Konjuh mountain and also to the top of Varda and Zelemboj.
  • Adrenalin park next to the Hotel Zlaca


Wonderful gastro offer with great variety. Gastro culture fest is organized as celebration of May Day and participants from the Municipality Banovici make traditional cuisine of Bosnia.