Nevesinje, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Nevesinje, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Municipality of Nevesinje is a town in southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The municipality is known as the "health spa for raspiratory and pulmonary issues", with an average altitude of 860 m. Mix of continental and Mediterranean climate meet here in summer, creating a pleasant summer atmosphere and a unique snowy winter idyll.
This municipality is very rural. Main industries are agriculture and cattle raising, which is still in a very natural and traditional way healthy organic food production.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The tourist offer of the Municipality of Nevesinje is mostly based on natural, cultural and historical values. From natural units there are mountains Velez, Crvanj, Bjelasnica, Morina plateau, Nevesinje field, Alagovac Lake and Zalomka River. Cultural and historical monuments are: the medieval town Vjencac, the Clock Tower, the Themple of the Holly Ascension, necropolis of thombstones, Kalufi and Wedding cemetery, Ovciji brod (Sheep's ship) bridge, Church of the Holy Trinity.
Underground and surface hydrography blessed us with the Zalomka underground river and as such a very unique in Europe, mountain lakes in mountains Velez and Morine plateau, and still undiscovered world of caves and Snjetice Novakusa. They are part of the tourist offer for an active holiday all the was along the upper course of the Neretva River and the artificial lake from the heart of nature "Alagovac".
Nevesinje provides excellent opportunities for the development of hunting tourism. The hunting area of the Municipality of Nevesinje offer hunting for the fox, rabbit, marten, roe deer, badger, wild boar, wolf, bear, then the birds: pheasant, eagle, owl, hawk, partridge and other birds. Quick mountain streams, rivers and lakes, are enriched with variety of quality fish: trout, salmon, carp, catfish, barbel, which makes it a paradise for anglers.
Up to Nevesinje there are many curvy roads through forests through which tat the bottom of you will see Nevesinje peaking. Due to its height, and relative isolation, Nevesinje has retained many ancient customs, such as the production of organic food in traditional and domestic way of this area. Therefore, if you plan to come to Nevesinje, you will for sure have so many things to see and feel. Use all your senses for the complete experience.



There are many events in this municipality and some of them are:

- Sport, Cultural and tourist event Nevesinje Olympics
- The days of the Nevesinje ustnka - Uprising in Nevesinje
- Santic Poetry Evenings
- Easter Festival of traditional Serbian folk songs



Some specific dishes are cicvara (corn meal), home made cheese and cream, podrobac, wild greens soup, Nevesinje potatoes, Nevesinje honey, plum brandy, etc.



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