Municipality New Town Sarajevo

Property Description

New Town Sarajevo as the administrative, cultural, educational, health, trade and service center of City of Sarajevo was formed on December 16, 1978. It included an industrial suburb of Sarajevo and newly built settlements. It covers an area of 47.98 km² bordering with municipalities of Novo Sarajevo, Ilidza, Vogosca and Ilijas. Novi Grad Sarajevo by population represents the largest municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Given the fact that 2 km of its border connects with Sarajevo International Airport, it can easily be said that the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo represents the "door of Sarajevo". The backbone of economic development of the Municipality earlier represented the industry, while today it usueally represents trade and service activities. Thanks to position of its subdivisions within the City of Sarajevo, as well as human, economic, cultural and natural resources at its disposal, rapid increase of tourism and economic growth of the municipality is expected.

Cultural and historical heritage, natural beauties

  • The cultural and historical heritage of the Municipality is also represented by characteristics of the XIV Winter Olympic Games, the Olympic village and sports hall "Ramiz Salcin", and also a larger number of memorials and cemeteries from the 1992-1995 war;
  • Salvation Tunnel Dobrinja-Butmir is known as the only way out of the City and tunnel rescue of siege Sarajevo;
  • According to the Development Plan of the City of Sarajevo for the period 1986 to 2015, the cultural heritage monumenst 2nd Category are: Memisevic cardak, Merhemica house, Hadžihalilovic’ House and House of family Ziga;
  • Forest Park Mojmilo, green belt around urban areas;
  • Cultural center "King Fahd" - Alipasa field; Istiqlal Mosque - Isle; The Catholic Church Brijesce; Orthodox Church Reljevo, then Archdiocesan Center for youth ministry, "John Paul IInd."
  • Within construction of the "House of the Liberators' facility within the future memorial complex hill of “Zuch” with supporting infrastructure


  • Days of culture and sport in New Town
  • Sarajevo film festival
  • Sarajevo winter
  • MESS
  • Sarajevo poetry days
  • “Cheteniyada,
  • Celebrations of important dates and events meaningful for the Municipality as well as the whole country
  • Homemade product Fair
  • Honey Fair


  • Salvation Tunnel Dobrinja-Butmir
  • Sarajevo film festival (yearly, usually in August)
  • Bosnian market Dobrinja
  • Olimpic swimming pool Otoka
  • Otoka Stadium
  • Open bike paths (from Nedzarici towards the City
  • Running path Forest Mojmilo
  • Center for education, sport and recreation Safet Zajko (bike and athlete trails, artificial climbing rock, outdoor gym equipment, etc.)


Numerous caffes, bars, sweet shops, restaurants, traditional food places. The cuisine of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the mix of turkish, greek and other mediteranien way of culinary art influenced by European styles.Meat is impossible to bypass, and is served with delicious organic vegetables with variety of salads and meat and cheese appetizers.
Sarajevo chevap is one of the most famous, as well as variety of sweets: baklava, tulumba, tufahija, kadaif i hurmasica.