Ljubinje, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ljubinje, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The name "Ljubinje" derived from the the domestic word that defines “love” and “kissing”. Ljubinje is considered both a town and municipality in the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the road between Trebinje and Mostar. This area is very rocky part of Herzegovina in which its inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture. Municipality Ljubinje is connected by highway M-6 with Mostar and Split and Trebinje on one side, and with Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Herceg Novi (Montenegro) on the other. It is located 60 km from Mostar and also the same distance from Trebinje. Tourism has showed a significant economic growth which affected the increase of the economic and social standards.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Ljubinje is enriched with cultural and historical monuments such as:

1. The remains of the Roman city of Pardue in the village of Gradac
2. The Orthodox Church of St. Prince Lazar (the mausoleum church of Prince Vladjo Bijelica) in Vlahovici, with necropolis of thombstone’s historic site
3. Necropolis on the cemetery under Duba in Ubosko (Ubosko I), a historical area.
4. Necropolis on Ljeljen cemetery (Greek cemetery) in Ubosko (Ubosko 2), historic site
5. Saint Basil of Ostrog on the Misljen
Ljubinje has yet to be detected in the right light show to its guests. Its possibilities Ljubinje sees in recreational and health tourism as well as in "Bancici Health Spa for Respiratory and Pulmonary Issues". Recommendations for this idea and a project are based on the facts of extreme longevity of people from the Bancic area, which is interpreted as a result of a healthy diet, the specific climate characteristics, and flora and fauna which, despite all similarities with other areas of Herzegovina, Bancic stands out with recognizable uniqueness.



Green dub –always green tree.



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