Konjic, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Konjic, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Konjic municipality is located in the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has a favorable geographical position. Due to its geo-transport position, it has an important role in the transport system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A part f the highway of Corridor Vc goes through the municipality of Konjic.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The city in Herzegovina that is the furthest north has never been  a true representation of "real Herzegovina" or "real Bosnia", but something truly unique and unrepeatable. Bathed in the warm Herzegovina sun, Konjic greeted all the immigrants from around the world, travelers and those who were just passing through. This city is attractive for its nature that has it surrounded. Here you trully enjoy every minute of your holiday, which is perfectly created for body and spirit.



Some of the events that take place every year in the Konjic Municipality are:

• Days of high school drama creativity
• Horse Chest event - organized by BZK "Preporod" (Revival) has been held for ten years with the support of the Municipality, Canton and the Federation with the participation of more than 50 groups from all over the former state, Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Hungary ...
• Evening of Sacred Music
• International Festival of string instruments “tamburica” groups from Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia. The festival takes place in September.
• Decade’s Project ''Human Rights Choirs ''
• Days of Konjic - event that promotes local creativity, and presentation of the work of all cultural and artistic associations funded by Konjic Municipality during the year through projects. The program begins June 5 and ends on 16 June, on the Municipaity Day.



Some of the additional tourist attractions that draw attention and are valuable to look at or experience are certainly the following:

• Boracko lake,
• Jablanica lake,
• Neretva (Rafting), the canyon of Rakitnica
• National Monuments
• Heritage Museum



Gastronomic offer is very diverse in the municipality of Konjic.



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