Ključ, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ključ, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Municipality of Kljuc is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and stationed at the important roads M-5 Bihac - Sarajevo.
The municipality is a tourist gem with unique natural undisturbed beauty. From the tourist point of view, it has significant resources and predisposition for the development of various forms of tourism, such as hunting, fishing, adventure, adrenalin and cultural-historical tourism.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The Municipality of Kljuc has a very pure nature and diverse flora and fauna. The forest is rich in both small and big wild animal, and therefore very interesting tourist destination it terms of development of hunting tourism. Tourist offer includes individual and group arrangements for hunting of large and small wild animals (rabbit, fox, wolf, bear, wild boar, grouse, wild goat). It is enriched in rivers and streams such as Sana, Sanica, Banjica, Korcanica and Trebunj, all known for its purity and enriched salmon like fish species (salmon, trout, grayling).
International Fly Fishing Cup is hel on Sanica River every year.



There are many events that take place every year in Municipality of Kljuc. Some of them are:

1. Prayer site Doviste in the Old Town
2. Kljuc’s summer - race, a concert on the main beach, a concert of Sevdah
3. People of Kljuc to its own town - a traditional event that connects the town of Sibenik and Municipality of Kljuc with the participation of Sibenik choir, poet, famous contemporary pop music, folk music and folklore dances
4. Traditional International Folklore Festival
5. Traditional International Festival of Choirs
6. The event "Pekmezijada" - promotion of local products and organically grown products
7. The first voice Kljuc
8. Bodljevina bulls - a traditional event



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