Kalinovik, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Kalinovik, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Municipality of Kalinovik is located in the southeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the main road Sarajevo-Foca. It covers parts of the mountain ranges of Treskavica, Visocica, Prenj, Lelija and Zelengora the upper course of the Neretva River and its tributaries and the plateau of Zagorje with numerous bays, abysses, valleys and caves. The great curiosity is mountain Treskavica itself with 365 famous springs.
If the road leads you toward this area, make sure to stop by Kalinovik for its tourist attractions will indeed leave you breathless.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Municipality of Kalinovik with its natural wealth will not leave anyone indifferent, and with an average altitude of 1100m this municipality has been classified as mountainous regions.
In the municipality you can enjoy Neretva River spring, also rest body and soul at one of the 12 lakes, or if you're adventurous, you may take a tour of Perućica rainforest. In the municipality there are over 150 caves and a great wealth of flora and fauna.
Kalinovik is a also enriched with cultural and historical heritage. Most thombstones throughout Herzegovina are precisely in this area. From the large number of tombstones allocated, Necropolis Cengica bar and Gvozno, which were declared national monuments and nominated for registering into the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Municipality’s events worth visiting are the following: Petrovaradin folklore events, Petrovaradin concerts, Petrovaradin sport games, Days of medicinal herbs and forest fruits, etc.



The large surface area of this municipality is under forest inhabited by endemic species such as Pancic spruce but also a large number of other evergreen and deciduous conifers.
This is truly a paradise on earth for hunters and fishermen. Fauna is dominated by wolves, bears, foxes, chamois, hare, roe deer, imperial eagle, pine, wild cat, etc., while Neretva is enriched by fish.



Afer you feed your eyes with beautiful sceneries of mountains, rivers and grass fields, it is time to feed your body as well. Enriched gastro offer of this region consists of authentic specialties such as mountain barbecued lamb, potato pie, donuts with homemade cream cheese, pie, venison stew, gruel with the whole cheese, cheese torotan, produced from forest fruit or herbs such as jam, juice, liqueurs.



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