Jablanica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Jablanica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Jablanica is a town and the center of Municipality of Jablanica in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town lies on the emerald green Neretva River between the mountains of Prenj and Cvrsnica, whose beautiful valley open more than 30 kilometers narrow canyon. Jablanica municipality is located at the intersection of highways Mostar-Sarajevo, Mostar- Banja Luka, and the regional roads Jablanica-Posusje and Jablanica-Ostrozac-Fojnica. Railway Sarajevo-Ploce also passses through Jablanica.
Municipality of Jablanica is still an undiscovered tourist destination. Few people know of its beauty, untouched nature, undisputed hospitality, its lakes, rivers and countless spring. A very unique geographical location exposes Jablanica to warm Mediterranean climate in the south and fresh continental influences from the north, resulting in mix of flora and fauna creating a personal feeling of tourist destination. Mountain areas provide perfect conditions for eco-tourism. Mountain biking, walking and hiking are magical trips for beginners as well as for professionals. One can cruise mountainous landscapes of Cvrsnica and Prenj, not encountering a single trace of civilization.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Jablanica municipality has considerable natural resources: Jablanica and Grabovica lake, Prenj and Cvrsnica mountains, rivers Neretva, Doljanka, Sanica, Draganka and Bijeljanka. The National Institute for Protection of Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovinahas declared as natural rarity in the Municipality of Jablanica the following: Canyon of Prenj (1957), Hajducka vrata (Brigands' door) as a monument of nature (1966). In the area Risovac in 1995 Blidinje park of natural resources was establised. Preserving natural heritage and utilizing of these sites, resources for the development of selective forms of tourism are gettinig accumulated for the development of tourism.

Jablanica is enriched with cultural and historical monuments:

1. historic area - necropolis with 150 tombstones, site Dugo polje (Long field), Jablanica municipality - on the World Heritage List of UNESCO
2. historic area - necropolis sites of Ponor and Risovac, Municipality of Jablanica
3. historic area - Memorial complex Neretva Battle in Jablanica
4. Cemetery complex - prehistoric necropolis with tombstones in the village of Sovici, Municipality of Jablanica.

All these are National Monuments of Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



The most important events of this region in Herzegovina is the Fair of Healthy Food, Medicinal Herbs and Honey Making, held in the spring and summer every year. Also held is  Jablanica summer, including sport, cultural and tourism events during the summer months: Children's festival, Festival of amateur singers, concerts traditional music clubs, painting exhibitions, wooden boats rowing marathon on Lake Jablanica, swimming school , canoeing, beach volleyball, etc.



All those lucky visitors, both domestic and foreign, who had the opportunity to visit our beautiful mountains of Prenj and Cvrsnica, simply stayed and without exception were surprised with what they saw and what they were offered. Prenj is not considered overwhelming, it is simiply a pilgrimage. Prenj is the most beautiful and attractive but also the cruelest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Mountain climbing and hiking around Municipality of Jablanica has been a tradition for centuries. Prenj Mountain and Cvrsnica are well known destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina for hikers and climbers in vicinity and. Jablanica has mountain facilities, with organized, trained, experienced and eager guides and instructors for all necessary services to potential tourists.



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