Istocni Stari Grad

Istočni Stari Grad, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Istočni Stari Grad, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

Municipalty of Istocni Stari Grad is located southeast of Sarajevo, 900-1300 meters above sea level and covers the rural areas. The Municipality belongs to the East Sarajevo. The configuration of the land is mostly hilly and of mountainous character, and it belongs to the Sarajevo-Romanija region. The Municipality is enriched with forest resources, and is suitable for development of animal husbandry and the production of certain types of agricultural products such as potatoes, rye, oats and wheat.
Pure coniferous forests are perfect for relaxation and recreation, long walks and bike rides.
Belts of meadows and pastures are a habitat for many medicinal plants. There are also mountain streams kooji have a great depth of water but are characterized by deep canyons with toppings, cascades and waterfalls with a large number of springs pure spring mountain water.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

At an altitude of 1470 meters on the crossroad of Ozren and Romanija, there is a Crepoljsko, a health spa for respiratory and pulmonary issues, but especially good for patients suffering from thyroid problems, and compared with many spas from Zlatibor. Part of the Olympic Trebevic belongs to our community. Forests of Trebevic are called the lungs of the city and presents itself as an ideal place for rest and recreation.

A number of villages in our municipality have kept a tradition that lived here for centuries. Specific songs, costumes, game, especially kitchen give our villages qualities of uniqueness. Necropolis medieval tombstones are located in small groups in the municipality

The region offers excellent opportunities for the development of winter, rural and hunting tourism. In support of this testifies to the geographical position, mild climate, proximity to the city of Sarajevo and the National Park Skakavac (Grasshopper), with magnificent waterfall of same name, famous for its strength, height, unique and unrepeatable beauty.

The endless natural beauty and traditional hospitality of the local population leaves no one indifferent.



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