Ilijaš, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ilijaš, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

Ilijas municipality is located in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, northwest from Sarajevo, in the valley of Bosna River and along the main road Sarajevo-Tuzla, belonging to the Sarajevo canton.
Ilijas municipality is situated at an altitude of 500 to 1200 m, and is characterized by a plain and hilly as well as mountainous ground. The municipality is located at the crossroads linking it with neighboring municipalities, as well as with all parts of the country.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

There are many cultural and historical monuments, including its next Sefer Pasha tomb, Old Town Dubrovnik, necropolis tombstones mosque in Rakova Noga, Orthodox Church in the Old Ilijas, the Catholic Church in Taracin Dol.
From the natural beauty important is to point out a number of forest resources, unpolluted agricultural land, sources of drinking water, thermal springs and mud in Podlipiku, and enriched flora.



Important events celebrated in this municipality that stand out are Ilijas Days, an event of culture, sports and organic products trade fair.



Typical dishes of traditional Bosnian cuisine, which are characteristic of the Sarajevo climate you can feel on your palate. However, in some way, Nisicka plateau area becomes known for its buckwheat flour and buckwheat products (Lepine, etc.).



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