Glamoč, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Glamoč, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Municipality of Glamoc is located in the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and administratively belongs to Livno Canton. It is located on the main road route M15 Split-Livno-Glamoc-Banja Luka and connects Glamoc area with a much wider regional area representing the shortest connection between the Pannonia and the Adriatic Sea.

Glamoc area represents a health spa for respiratory and pulmonary issues, and is truly an oasis of peace enriched with so much natural beauty such as vast meadows and fields as well as high coniferous forests and mountain area which rise up to 2006 meters above the sea.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Lake Oak, area of 25,000 m², is the tourist offer of Glamoc. Only 3 km away from the city, there are suitable grounds for recreation, trips, swimming, fishing...
Sator Lake (Tent Lake) is the pearl among mountain lakes located on the Sator Mountain 1480 meters above sea level. It is a clear and unpolluted mountain lake where one can find alpine endemic, tailed amphibian Triton that can only survive in completely clean water.
High altitude of Glamoc offers an excellent opportunity for mountain tourism. At 2 km from the center of the mountain Rajan with hiking trails. In addition to Rajan Mountain, there are conditions for range of mountain sports on surrounding mountains of Sator, Vitoroz, Staretina, Cincar ...



Some of the most significant events of this region that are traditional character are:
Cultural summer in Glamoc (cultural and sports event), Days Glamoc potatoes (economic and cultural events)



- hiking paths on Sator, Cincar, Vitorog
- Lake Oak
- Sator Lake



Glamoc region is famous for potatoes, so every guest must have some. Traditional potatoes are Glamoc poles. 



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