Fojnica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Fojnica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

Municipality of Fojnica stands for a town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 50 km west from Sarajevo and 587 m above sea level.
As a special form of tourism in Fojnica, with its available accommodation facilities and natural resources, it is classified as a distinctive tourist destination. The relative proximity to major urban centers such as Sarajevo, Zenica and Travnik, with an average distance of about 60 km Fojnica, it offers visitors various possibilities of short or long stay in a naturally healthy environment with favorable climatic conditions, ideal altitude and the traditional hospitality.
As the Fojnica is located in a mountainous ring of Vranica, Scita, Zahor and Bitovnje, for the lovers nature and hiking rare enjoyment at your fingertips on the roads and tracks of these beauties.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

As far as cultural and historical monuments especially prominent mosquea are - Atik Mosque, Saban ef. Mosque and Muharem ef. Mosque, then Tekke - Tekke in Vukeljićci and Tekke on Oglavak, then Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Spirit and Museum, Fojnica tombstones, Gradina site, Musafirhana - the oldest preserved building of public importance, the Museum Vukeljic, Ahdnama - a written guarantee of Sultan Mehmed II Fatiha for Personal and property rights and freedom of the local population, Fojnica town Arm - a great book bound collection of 139 emblems of Yugoslavian countries, and Bosnian and Serbian kings and nobles.
Today, Fojnica is mostly known for its health spa with radioactivity and healing features determined in the 19th Century, with exploitation beganing after the World War II. Today it is a modern equipped center for medical rehabilitation including the following: hotel "Reumal" with 450 beds, a swimming pool, a sauna, a gym, a restaurant, café, lounge with open fireplace and a complete medical content for rehabilitation and new hospital with 120 beds and all necessary medical treatment.
Lately Fojnica has had great opportunities for development of sports tourism. In addition to the extraordinary natural and accommodation conditions, Fojnica allows organizing all kinds of basic preparation of sports teams in many sports.
Teams are available, in addition to countless nature trails, two large football fields, a large sports hall, outdoor playground for small sports, tennis courts, an extremely well-equipped gym at the hotel "Reumal" and other necessary conditions. The newly built winter sports center "Poljana-the Field" on the mountain Matorac (Vranica mountain range) to 1,580 meters of altitude, 15 km away from Fojnica, provides opportunities to practice winter sports.



Cultural and sporting events are the Kenan Memija Memorial, Fojnica Summer and Zija Dizdarevic Gatherings.



At the Pridoli site for tourists there are attractive new destination, waterfalls Kozice, which with its beauty attracts attention as a the new tourist attraction and also in terms of its individual protection.
Continuing the tradition of the area tourism officials of Fojnica have enriched toruist offer of gold washing. The rivers of Fojnica are gold-bearing and all interested guests at the travel agency to get all the necessary equipment for gold panning.



On Prokosko Lake there is an authentic cattle town and rich cuisine such as Prokosko fat cheese and pie under the bell.




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