Foča, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Foča, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Foca municipality is located in the southeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in the southwest of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton. The municipality mainly extends on the left and partly on the right bank of the Drina River. The urban part of the municipality is located on the left bank of the Drina River and the mouth of the river Colin. The main communication roads a well as caravan routes have always crossed through this municipalitz. These roads went from the Mediterranean to the East and towards the Central Europe, and that in the recent history they were replaced by  modern roads, which this area signifies it having traditionally important geopolitical and geo-strategic position.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The municipality has significant potential for tourism development for the rural, cultural and historical, health and sports as well as recreational tourism.

The tourist offer of the Municipality include:

- Clear and fast river Drina suitable for vacation no matter if you enjoy rafting or resting. Ustikolina with its unique offer makes rafting on Drina one of the most intense and demanding rafting in Europe (ranked as level 3-5).
- Sports field - trails for race on the hill, which is located on the road Ustikolina Jabuka (Apple)
- Religious tourism: Turhan Emin-Bey's Mosque, the oldest mosque in BiH and Good water pilgrimage whose visits increase a year after yeart.
- A rich cultural and historical heritage: Cemetery at Presjeka near Ustikolina, the burial ground complex located in the community Cadastral of municipality Donje Zesce, has the status of the National Monuments since 2004; Presjeka Necropolis; Kozetina Bridge in he Cvilin municipaity has the status of the national monument since 2005; and very worth mentioning is the resort of Jabuka excursion site, and the construction of raft piers.



Various economic and cultural events are important for tourism, such as "Ustikolina Summer" Festival of taste "," Drina and catapult new tourist destination ", which attract domestic and foreign visitors. "Festival of taste" have participating producers from the area of BPC, as well as producers from Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Italy.



Favorable configuration of the land, suitable climate and forest resources are the main factors for hunting grounds in the area of Ustikolina, which are characterized by different types of hunting games and specific hunting tradition.



Municipality of Foca area is characterized by traditional jams making, marmelades and other homemade sweets, so coming here can be a real sweet satisfaction.



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