Drvar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Drvar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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This is a great book bound collection of 139 emblems of Yugoslavian countries, and Bosnian and Serbian kings and nobles. It is located in a mountainous area between the mountains Osjecenice, Klekovaca and Lunjevac at an altitude from 700 to 1200 m. The climate is continental-mountainous, with long, cold winters. Drvar is located on an important road toward the central Adriatic Sea. South of Drvar, via Knin to the Sibenik has about 120 kilometers. North through Bosanski Petrovac "tied" to the main road "AVNOJ" about 80 kilometers to Bihac, and Banja Luka (over Manjaca) about 125 kilometers.

The tourist offer of the Municipality is based on the historical and cultural tourism and the enriched nature preserved so that the aforementioned locations fit into the concept of tourism in this regio


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The value of this area is reflected in the natural beauty, forest resources, sources and Prekrajsko lake. Cultural and historical heritage of Drvar is reflected through numerous events of the Second WWII - the uprising of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina started in this town. Tradition of grown Cultural Club Drvar and Borac Soccer Club which was founded 90 years ago and there are day-to-day.



Some of manifestacia that mark in Drvar are:

- The days of logging cornelian, economic and tourist event, October
- Amateurs for their own town, International Folklore Festival, June
- Frontier songs, August
- Rok Festival “Drvar landing”, July
- International Moto gathering, July
- Marking May 25 - the collapse of the fascist attack on Drvar
- Marking July 27 - Day of Uprising of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in World War II



There are several hiking trails that are marked with the mountain itself offers the possibility for many other adrenaline sports.



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