Donji Vakuf

Donji Vakuf, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Donji Vakuf, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Donji Vakuf represents a municipality and the downtown in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the right bank of the river Vrbas. This city is an important crossroads of Bosnia and Herzegovina's main roads connecting the north and the east of the country with the south and the central and southern Adriatic. The main road M16 Donji Vakuf-Bugojno-Prozor and M5 Jajce-Donji Vakuf-Travnik as well as regional Donji Vakuf-Prusac-Bugojno all go through Donji Vakuf. This municipality's ground is mountainous and hilly, enriched in coniferous forests and precious wildlife, because of whicha special reservation was built named "Gater".


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The most important written monument from the medieval times is the headstone inscription in Staro Selo near Donji Vakuf. Then a series of tombstones from settlements of Oborci, National Monument Handija's Mosques, archaeological area Kasnoatic Basilica in Oborci, historically an area-Old Town Prusac, and even a number of other historic buildings which provide an opportunity for tourists to go back in time and learn about the past of this region. In the municipality of Donji Vakuf there are many cultural and historic buildings such as: numerous tombstones, of which the most famous is Ajvez grandfather's tombstone in Prusac, then Mausoleum Miralem Mehmed, Islamic schools, the Clock Tower Upper Downtown in Donji Vakuf and Fort in Prusac, housing objects, Partisan Memorial Cemetery in Donji Vakuf, etc.



Natural resources in the city's vicinity provide excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing and other forms of recreation.



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