Doboj South Municipality

Property Description

Doboj South Municipality was established after the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed. It is one of the youngest and smallest municipalities in the country. It is made out of two inhabited places: Mravici i Matuzici, and it covers about 10 km2. Its location is on a road that is heavy in traffic, Zenica-Doboj Jug-Doboj, or Zenica-Doboj Jug-Usora-Tesanj-Teslic which point to great road communication amongst neighboring municipalities. It is 80km away from Zenica Canton, and 160 km from Sarajevo. Even if you didn’t plan to visit, while traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina, most likely is you will not bypass this municipality. Its history goes way into pre-historical times and can be proven by important archeological location, Vila hill. Roman cemetery was found here, tombstone with an inscription revealing the first known names of the inhabitants of that area, pieces of money (large bronze Alexander Severa, small bronze emperors Magniae Urbicae and Crips). Matuzici is particularly known for its abundance of water springs that revitalize the soul in hot summer days. Doboj Jug is located in the triangle between Bosna and Usora rivers. The banks of these rivers are very suitable for the development of fishing and therefore various fishing competitions are held here. This area is famous for hunting and is known as Dubrava. During the hunting season this area is full pheasant, rabbits and fox. Karuse settlement at the enterns of municipality Doboj, there is famous cemetery of tanks reminding us never to repeat those war horrors again.  

Cultural and historical heritage, Natural beauties

  • Karuse battle memorial
  • “Matoseve Dubrave” hunting and picnic site
  • Fishing cabin next to Bosna river near by obeliscs of old monuments
  • “DRUM” medieval road


  • Traditional cultural event “Towards summer”
  • Traditional sports and cultural event “SPORT’S BEST CHOICES’


Except praising all traditional Bosnian dishes in restaurants around Municipality Doboj South, we would recommend  veal roast and different game (wild) roasts such as venison etc