Čapljina, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Property Description

Capljina is located in the southwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, about 30 km from the Adriatic coast. Otherwise part of the country with the most wonderful climate, reach with sunny days and green with four rivers (Neretva, Trebizat, Bregava and Krupa). In the sixties of the last Century there were first projects of reconstruction of green spaces and therefore there is a culture of green in this town. Today, Capljina represents a modern urban town with wide streets and courtyards accommodating all the institutions: Municipality building on the Square of King Tomislav, religious objects (The parish church of St. Francis of Assis, pastoral center, evangelical church, mosque, temple-Orthodox Church of the Ascension), modern sport balloon-hall, medical center, railway and bus station, parks, walking trails.
This town has an amazing appearance where one truly experiences public interest and overall culture. As the town grew, new building grew with new squares and cultural events. Natural beauties, cultural heritage, geographical position, communal order and overall feeling of new value, have placed this town on the top list of the most beautiful in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Cultural and historical heritage, natural beauties

  • Mogorjelo
  • Pocitelj
  • Gabela
  • the old bridge on Bregava river


  • International summer Fair - Capljina
  • Christmas Fair - Capljina
  • Pustolovna utrka - Capljina
  • International ansamble meet - Trebizat
  • “Lijera diple nadigrala” - Capljina
  • “Jel’ Gabela gdje je prije bila” - Gabela
  • Dubrava Summer – Bivolje Brdo
  • Rijek iz kamena – Počitelj
  • Art Colony – Natural park Hutovo blato
  • Art Colony – Trebizat
  • International Colony of Kipar – Pocitelj
  • Cheery week – Pocitelj


  • “Canoe safari” on Trebizat river
  • Bike and walking trails in the Nature Park
  • “Hutovo blato”


Very rare specialities will be found here. Specials of different grilled fish , veal, port, lamb, and venison  with vegetables specific for this area.