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The municipality of Bratunac is located in the valley of the Drina River in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the limits of BiH municipalities bordering with Zvornik, Srebrenica and Vlasenica, and the Drina River 68 km borderline with Serbia.
Whichever form of tourism you select, visit to Bratunac will almost certainly catch you with its beauty as well as its hospitality.


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Running through the area of Bratunac municipality, Drina River with 14 smaller river flows is a lavishing gift of nature, and so far has been the most attractive lovers of sport and fishing.
Drina River has a dominant presence of fish sapling, sneep and capital specimens of chub, barbel and catfish. From a tributary purposes of Drina, stocking trout is the most interesting from rivers Loznicka, Grabovacka and Slapasnicka. The municipality of Bratunac has considerable tourism potential, primarily in the natural beauty that includes the following: the enriched supplies of waterways (rivers Drina and Jadar with tributaries), flora and fauna, favorable climate and clean air (mountains Glogova and Ludmer) and the cultural heritage Roman sites, medieval necropolis, religious buildings.
Fast flow of the Drina River in the area between Perucac and Zvornik Lake, offers ideal natural conditions for organizing rafting. Bratunac Municipality recognized this five years ago, and nowdays every year in a row, it is the organizer and sponsor of the Regatta Drina Slalom which has become a traditional yearly event and that gathers more and more participants and tourists.



Some of the most significant events in Bratunac are:

- Regatta Drina Slalom, the first Saturday of August,
- Skobaljijada, Second Saturday of August,
- Drina Cup - fishing competition, the last Saturday in June
- Swimming for the Epiphany Cross, 19.01.
- Motorijada, The third week of August
- The Fair of Agriculture, Food and Tourism Raspberry Days, the last weekend of June
- The days of culture and creativity 27.04-07.05.
- People's Fair Makavejev 14.08.



Hunting grounds are mainly in the upland area of the Municipality, and the hunting grounds are enriched with bears, wild boars, foxes, martens, wild cats, badgers, rabbits, pheasants, partridges field and forest.
If you do not want to hunt and that does not seem to be an area of interest, you may enjoy an adrenaline park on Paradise Beach, which will satisfy the hunger for sports and recreation. There are also cycling routes along the Drina River and also smaller rivers Krizevic and Glogovsek.



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