Bosanski Petrovac

Property Description

Bosanski Petrovac is located in the northwest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in between mountains Osjecenica, Klekovaca & Grmec. This geographical position has influenced the structure of the ground which varies of 3 levels of grass fields and woods. This town is indeed a heaven for nature lovers, and is also famous for the sunniest days in the year, green forest and flower meadows.

The first settlement here is being mentioned in 1334 under the name St. Petri de Eodem as a crossroad of the most powerful Roman Empire. The Roman domination is confirmed by 15 locations. The town remembers many historical events, most of which dated from the II World War. Bosanski Petrovac has number of memorial monuments from that time. Except the untouched nature and enriched history, this small town produced great writers and painters, and famous is Petrovacki chilim (Petrovac Carpet) made here since the XVII Century.

Cultural and historical heritage, Natural beauties

This area has great conditions for mountain and hunting tourism. Grmec mountain offers hiking trails, picnic sites and hunting challenges. Ostrelj, a health (air) spa is surrounded by mountains Osjecenica i Klekovaca, 1,000 m above the sea level with the highest percentage of ozone in Europe. Health treatments here are favorable for hearth and pulmonary patients, as well as regular children's recreation. There are ideal ski slopes and good conditions for youth camps and sports tourism. Nearby, 7 km away within Klekovaca mountain, there is a jungle forest suitable for researchers and adventurists. Very rare and endangered spices edelweiss, specially protected in whole Europe.  


  • Regular art exhibition of Academic painter Jovan Bijelic in the Jovan Bijelic Museum;
  • Regula exhibition of Petrovac carpets and other crafts in the Jovan Bijelic Museum;
  • Exhibition of personal belonging of Ahmet Hromazic;
  • Skender Kulenovic Days
  • Basa chees Fair (Type of soft cheese cow produce) and Smoljana-Bosanski Petrovac potatos;
  • Celebratino of July 27th - Uprising Day of BiH people agains fascism;
  • Municipality Day - May 25th;
  • First voice of Bosanski Petrovac;
  • Petrovac cultural summer
  • First hair of Grmec.


Bosanski Petrovac area has maped bike trails – bike club GRIP marked close to 120 km of bike route with great potential our mountains offer interesting for tourist. Next to bike trail signs, there are also educational boards regarding interesting sites next to the trail. There are 3 categories of trails:
- Green trail for beginners (not difficult at all)
- Blue trail for intermediates (recreation with certain conditional fitness ability and fair knowledge of biking)
 - Red trail for advanced (excellent training condition and superb knowledge of biking)


Bosanski Petrovac has fabulous gastro offer - homemade food, traditional recipes. Most famous are: Petrovac basa cheese, variety of bakery products focusing on buckwheat, different pitas, baklava cake, special roast recipes, traditional jam products, Petrovac plum and pear brandy, Petrovac honey, herbal teas from Petrovac meadows, etc.