Bosanska Krupa

Bosanska Krupa, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosanska Krupa, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Property Description

If you go to the northwestern part of Bosnia, along Una river, you will find a real gem among the Bosnian towns in Krajina - Bosanska Krupa. This is the town that hosts small fairs, cultural and sporting events, and it captures everyone’s attention especially by beautiful Una river that runs through the downtown. The wonderful nature that surrounds Krupa is surrounded by emerald green rivers. Numerous cultural and historical monuments testify to it being not only a place many have admired, but also that many have chosen to live in. The Old Town - fortress PSET dominates the entrance of the town, with Orthodox and Catholic churches and mosques under it. If you head towards Una river, an old wooden bridge will welcome you and lead you to the other side or to the many picnic spots along the river. Krupa is located at the foot of the Grmec mountain which is known as a health resort, and it can be easily reached by walking paths. For all these reasons,  travelers, tourists and visitors love to visit Krupa taking the most beautiful memories with them.

Cultural and historical heritage, natural beauties

  • The Old Town - PSET fortress
  • The Old Town Jezerski
  • Catholic churc over 600 years old
  • Culture Center building from 1902 with „Reagional collection of graphics“ by Bosko Karanovica“- national monument
  • Exhibition "Art Colony Krusnica" for the last 40 years


-"The search for the queen of Una" fishermans' event

- Bosanska Krupa-small fairs town

- Folkrore festival Bosanska Otoka

- Quire festival  Bosanska Krupa

- Art Colony Krusnica

- Traditional event “Unski ladjari” for the past 40 years during summers, a traditional Una river boat race (20 or more crews) gathering over several thousand visitors.

- Una-regata


  • Biking and walking trails on Grmec mountain
  • The Old Town Jezerski
  • Mill of Una river (restaurants and caffee bars)
  • Picnic spot Mlioncici-Otoka


Considering that Bosanska Krupa is decorated by two beautiful rivers whose lives are very connected to people's in that area, fish dominates this region's cuisine. In a number of restaurants along river banks you will experience a quality of Una river local trout, grayling and sapling.