Zenica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Zenica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Zenica is the capital and administrative center of Zenica-Doboj Canton, the former regional giant in the production of steel. Zenica represents a modern city with about 130,000 inhabitants covering the area of 557.5 km2. One of the symbols of Zenica is Kamberovica field, cultivated green oasis in front of the city center. There are hiking trails and many sport fileds: from athletic stadium to tennis, volleyball and soccer courts. There is also a historical site Bila fiel historically known as a place where on 8th of April, 1203 ban Kulin renounced Bogomilism.

One of the tourist attractions of Zenica is famous Cimburijada, traditional folk daybreak near Bosnia river, on the first day of spring, which gathers more and more visitors every day.

General BH Fair ZEPS is the central annual economic event held in Zenica, which offers clear representation of production, export and service opportunities of the country.

Cultural and historical heritage, natural beauties

Musalla - the site where for hundreds of years prayers for rain were obtained in the open and Eid prayers sites. A tomb with an interesting historical background shrouded in legends and the oldest cemetery are located here for the Zenica region.

The wooden bridge - one of the oldest river crossing of Bosnia river, dating back to Roman times. Today, the bridge is reinforced with concrete, keeping the old name. Supporting pillars of the original wooden bridge, and Jagnjisce goes through one of them, the site at which the organized traditional Cimburijada, a celebration of the arrival of spring, March 21 at dawn, event unique for Zenica.

Sejmen mosque - mosque with the oldest stone minarets in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1506, in whose yard a stone "binjektas" is located, from which the sultan Mehmed II El-Fatih mounted his horse after winning Vranduk.

Stone Sleeper - memorial to the civilian victims of Veterans of War 1992 to 1995.

The old bazaar - city center with Hajji Mazic house, mosque and madrasa Fevzija, as well as a large number of craft and restaurants.

Zenica Museum - an institution with a enriched collection of exhibits from Zenica region, from prehistoric to modern times, unavoidable destination for guests.

City Synagogue - after the one in Sarajevo, this is considered the most beautiful in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is a symbol of Jews in Zenica, who experienced a mass exodus in the Second World War. Today is annexed to the Museum of the City of Zenica and protected by the state.

Bosnian National Theatre building - project of academic Professor Jahijela Finci, BSc. ing. of Arch. and Professor Zlatko Coal, BSc. ing.  of Arch. who in 1979 received the prestigious award, granted by newspaper "Borba": the annual award for the best architectural achievement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the annual award for the best architectural achievement in Yugoslavia.

The Municipality Zenica is abundant with natural beauty that leaves no one indifferent, and in all seasons it lures hikers to known hiking paths and spend their holidays in resorts (Smetovi, Bistricak, Kiseljak, Doli, Kamenica, Straight ...) and nearby cities.

Skiers during the winter can enjoy available and ideal ski-fields (Ponijeri, Smetovi).



  • Award for the best athlete of the year (Jan-Feb)
  • Cimburijada (March 21)
  • Zenica spring (March 20 – April 20)
  • OPPEN – organic product fair (November)
  • Days of Drama in BiH (May)
  • Folklore Festival (June)
  • Summer in the Zenica valley (July)
  • The evening of „sevdah“ (July)
  • International Economic Fair ZEPS (Oktober)
  • Traditional New Years concert of Zenica symphony (December)


  • Rafting competition within Cimburijada (March)
  • International karate tournament (April)
  • ZENICA – OPEN (May) – tennis tournament up to 16 years old players
  • Athletic meets (June)
  • Water polo tournament (June)
  • Motorijada (July)
  • Streetball – street basketball tournament „Zenica open“ (August)
  • Kangaroo cup – International basketball tournament (August)


Training center in Zenica where the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina is preparing for important matches (European and world competitions)

The stadium Bilino polje which has held numerous important matches of the national team in recent years

- Marked walking, running and cycling trails are located at the premises of  Smetovi, Pepelari and Lisce


Restaurants in Zenica offer fantastic domestic and international kitchen specialties.




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