RADILJ picnic spot


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+387 31 767 010

Property Description

Radilj picnic spot is located in Drenovac, Municipality of Vukosavlje, in the heart of mountaineus hills, in the meddow where Rajkovac and Drenovac flow into Josavica, sorrounded by Krndija, Kljenci, Osrednjak and Veliki Ninos. The site is about 4,5 km away from Bosanski Brod, partially pawed road. Radilj offers intacked and unpolluted experience. Natural beauty is all around filled by magnificent green fields with forest springs and variety of wildlife. Many mountain routes start here, and continue with marked roads. Many of these roads lead into the deep of Vucjak mountain and its natural wonders of seven Vucjak hights. Sites of Drenovac, Brusnica i Kocijas are connected by many roads offering wonderful natural experience. Right above Radilj is Kaldrma location that used to be a part of the old Roman road across Sava river, over Vrbovac toward Dobor, Nenaviste (Gradacac) and Sol (Tuzla). About an hour of walking will take you to the archeological site Pivnica and Kadar. There are many designated BBQ spots as well as places to play different sports. Homemade sour cream, goat cheese and donkey milk are unique and medicinal from this area.