Mostar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mostar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Mostar is the main cultural, political and financial center of Herzegovina. First experience this beautiful city leaves you with is overwhelming multitude of differences that make it special. Its charm is in its streets interwoven with spirits of various civilizations that have stayed here, spirits felt in the crowd of young hospitable people and architectural buildings. This university center of the region has always been a city of bridges and youth.

The famous Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric wrote: "When a man spends the night in Mostar, what wakes him up in the morning is not a sound but light itself". Mostar is the city of flowers, greenery, and numerous times celebrated blossom from February, that flourishes and makes beautiful and unreal images that inspires. 


Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

The most attractive tourist facilities are:

1. Mostar - on the list of UNESCO (the Old Bridge and the old town)
2. Medjugorje - a significant place of religious pilgrimage in the world scale
3. Neum - located on the Adriatic coast
4. Blagaj - exceptional value history, nature and place of religious pilgrimage
5. Pocitelj - a picturesque town in the Neretva valley
6. Nature parks "Hutovo mud" and "Blidinje"
7. The municipality of Konjic with Borac lake
8. Cave Vjetrenica
9. Mogorjelo
10. Necropolis Radimlja
11. Rujište - resort near Mostar,
Important monuments to visit are:
1. Old bridge in Mostar,
2. Muslibegovica House, Kajtazova house, Biscevica House, Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque etc.
3. Tekija in Blagaj and Stjepan grad in Blagaj
4. Old Bridge in Konjic, a memorial house Zuko Dzumhur
5. Old Town Pocitelj and Roman villa Mogorjelo near Capljina
6. Old Town daiorson in Stolac and Museum Saric house.



Some of the most important events in the region are:

1. Economic Fair Mostar,
2. Fair "Cherry Days" Bijelo Polje,
3. Fair Mediterranean fruit in Stolac
4. Fair culinary selection in Konjic
5. Vintage days in Citluk
6. Ethno Festival in Neum
7. Folklore Festival in Blagaj
8. Folklore Festival in Konjic
9. Tourist and sports event Diving off the Old Bridge in Mostar
10. Summer Carnival in Capljina
11. Jumps "in the cauldron" in Konjic
12. Swimming Competition "Mujo and Suljo" in Jablanica
13. Plum Days in Prozor-Rama
14. Religious event "Days of Zikra" in Blagaj



Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, offering many reasons to come and stay for tourists, is the best choice for holiday and culinary selection of the area that will make your stay complete. Traditional dishes are offered in this area that are prepared with typical local agricultural and livestock products. Tourists are always interested to try them.
Other that those above mentioned, the most common dishes that are offered in Herzegovina are: specially baked meat under the sach (the bell), homemade bread, variety of cheeses, prsuto (moked beef and pork), sea and river fish, local wines and juices, honey from herbs and the like.



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