Snijeznica lake in Rastosnica

Property Description

This lake covers an area between municipalities Teocak and Sapna, direction northwest-southeast. About a third of the lake belongs to the Municipality of Sapna, and is located in its northern part. The reservoir of lakes is made by Rastosnica, Brzava and Ravna rivers as well as many creeks. The lake is the artificial reservoir built for thermal power plant needs  in Ugljevik (RS). The surface area is 1.31 km², the average depth is 15.8 m, maximum width is 450 m, the maximum length of the lake is 4,000 m, and the total length of the lake shore is 11 km. The settlement, which extends around the south side of the lake, is Rastosnica. It is the most spacious and one of the largest local communities in the Municipality of Sapna. Upon completion of the regional road Zvornik-Sapna-Ugljevik from the direction of Sapna, great opportunities open up for the development of tourism in this region.