The Municipality building Gracanica “Konak”

Gračanica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Gračanica, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The historic building of the „Konak“-Town Hall in Gracanica was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Decision of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments on September 9th, 2009, and it is a valuable example of monumental masonry building that was, like many others in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in Pseudo - Moorish style. It is one of the few monuments of its kind which has survived to the present time.

When Austro-Hungarian rule came to this area began to build such facilities in all major administrative centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Gracanica became the headquarters of new administrative unit of districts, later a part of territory of the Ottoman Empire, the new government immediately began to make plans to build a new administrative building „Konak“.

After the preparations made, Konak was built and completed in 1887.

The building was built originally as Konak in 1887, and later was converted into the Town Hall. The name of the builder is unknown. There is an assumption that it was built by the same craftsmen that built Osman building – captain's madrasses in Gracanica. The building was measured the drown by Johann Kellner, and certified Edmnud Stix on March 19, 1891.

The administration of the municipality of Gracanica is a good example of the style that was adopted in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Austro-Hungarian period, and as such it should be protected in order to preserve its high environmental value in the town's urban wrap.