Doboj, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Doboj, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Municipality of Doboj is located in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the right bank of the river Bosna. Doboj is the most important transport hub for road and rail transport and to conclude that the road connection is very good.
Primary tourist value of the cultural and historical heritage but is a very important segment of the rural tourism with the natural beauty as the main factor.


Cultural  and historical heritage, natural resources

Doboj fortress is a protected monument of 1st category.
In addition to these locations, tourist offer of Doboj are memorials and buildings such as Sokolski dom, Regional Archives, the National Library, the Center for culture and education. There are also religious buildings, and this is a rare Bosnian town where in a small town you can find a Mosque, Catholic and Orthodox churches and a Synagogue. Downtown has an old traction engine Ciro, numerous shopping centers and swimming pool complex “Dzungla-the Jungle”.



Doboj has numerous sports, cultural, business and entertainment events, which are mainly with traditional character.
International Handball TV Tournament of Champions, entered the international calendars of the world handball federation and became one of the most attractive events of this kind. Every year, at the end of August, Doboj hosts handball fans and players from the most famous club names from European and national scene.
Teatar Festival for five days with enriched repertoire show performances coming from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Wolf Days on Ozren Mountain are held each year in February and gather hundreds of hunters enjoying the tourist industry of the region and the hunt for wolf hunting.
It is important to mention St. George Race, Ozren Tea Days, Doboj Art Salon, the International Folklore Festival and other events marking the Municipality of Doboj.



In the area of Ozren mountain are defined and marked trails for hiking - hiking and mountain biking of various lengths and difficulty coping.



Traditional cuisine of Doboj region is very tasty and superbly spicy satisfying all the senses, irresistibly increasing the appetite. Meat, barbecue and various types of baking, spices and fresh vegetables are used in large quantities. Often it is a combination of meat and vegetables, where a favorite food stand sarma, vegetable spread, potatoes moussaka, peppers stuffed with meat and beans, along with a pickle, sauerkraut and chutney as an addition to almost any meal.
There are also traditional dishes prepared from wheat and corn flour ground in a mill, such as projara, cicvara, bread, donuts and of course asks Bosnian Pita made in so many ways with: cheese, potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, sweet pie and apple pie , cherries, sour cherries ...



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