Banja Luka

Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Banja Luka has always been the "Paradise Valley" with lots of green, water and fruit as evidenced by many travelers visited Banja Luka. Nowdays it is known by a number of green areas because it is often called “a city of green”.

City Center is a very distinctive and colorful. It has a Kastel fortress, Ferhadija Mosque, Safikada grave (the temple of love), City Market, National Museum, Krajina Square, Gospodska Street, the Orthodox Church of Christ the Savior, City Palace buiding and the Palace of Ban, Presidential Palace, National Theatre, Banja Luka Diocese, Imperial road, an old train station – the park Petar Kocic.



Cultural and historical heritage, natural resources

Three health spas are located in th city area as well as in its vicinity (Serbian Toplice, Slatina and Laktashi) with thermal and mineral water springs, whose healing properties were used in the ancient period. Especially important natural resource is the river Vrbas which is the main water stream of Banja Luka. Vrbas, with its dark green color and landscapes it creates from the Zec mountain to the Sava river, represents one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pushing its way through the rocks in the mountains, from Jajce to Banja Luka, Vrbas created a fantastic canyon with many natural rarities. Rapids, waterfalls, cascades, beaches, the surrounding rocks and the variety of flora and fauna make this area truly special. Banja Luka as the cultural center of the Republic of Serbian entity, offers possibilities of visiting cultural institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, National Museum, The Cultural Center Banski Dvor, National Theatre, Galleries and others.



The most important events in the city are:
Saint Sava Academy, Kozarska carnival, Winter night games, Days of Vlado Milosevic, Day of the City, Festival of strings orchestras, St. George's Festival, the Night of Museums, International Short Film Festival - Kratkofil, Banja Luka Summer Festival, International Folklore Festival - Dukat fest, Theatre Fest "Petar Kocic" , Banja Luka days of beer, Beer fest, Demofest, Kozara Ethno, Embroidered Bridge, Summer on Vrbas, Kocic choral, Banja Luka choral meetings, international festival of children's theater, International Animated Film Festival, Small composer, international and Orthodox New Years eve.



Some of the typical traditional dishes are ljevuša, pies, donuts, dairy products (cheese and cream cheese), roast veal or lamb, corn meal prepared in different ways, kljukuša, slip, homemade bread, roasted dishes, Bosnian stew, cabbage rolls, bean soup ...
Dishes unique to Banja Luka and representing gastronomic brands are Banja Luka sausages and Trappist cheese. As a special product of the culinary culture that reflects itself in Banja Luka is Nektar beer.



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