Digital Tourist - BH Itinerary

"Digital BH tourist itinerary" financed by the Embassy of the United States of America in Sarajevo, is an ambitious project focusing on the identification and promotion of tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina by using modern means of promotion: Google mapping, QR code, smart phone applications, social networks , TV shows, etc.

The project will also influence direct promotion of protection of cultural and historical heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and lead all the tourists toward attractive tourist destinations, keeping them longer and showing them numerous natural, cultural, historical, gastronomic and multiethnic values of Bosnia and Herzegovina with a very unique goal of local communities’ economic prosperity.Cities /municipalities/tourist organizations that are our partners in this project will become part of the tourist route of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the European and world market.



By cooperating with ROTOR who is implementing this project, they will also directly connect with the ATRIUM Association, headquartered in the city of Forli, Italy, continuously promoting and developing cultural and tourist routes within South-Eastern Europe.

There will be a final certification of partners upon completion of the project, as well as award ceremony and creation a legal body to continue promoting cities and municipalities involved in the project with special partner status in the "Tourism ROTOR" television show.

Partners of the project are following:

Municipalities: Rudo, Donji Vakuf, Prozor-Rama, Opština Oštra Luka, Ljubinje, Jablanica, Žepče, Konjic, Foča-Ustikolina BiH, Vareš, Ilijaš, Drvar, Sanski Most, Bosansko Grahovo, Kalinovik, Srbac, Sokolac, Rogatica, Srebrenica, Novi Travnik, Travnik, Trnovo RS, Istočni Stari Grad, Teslić, The Old City of Saraejvo, Nevesinje, Fojnica, East Drvar, Ključ, Bratunac


Cities of: Prijedor, Doboj

Tourist organizations of: Šipovo, Šamac, Glamoč, the Canton of Tuzla, HNKA/Ž and of the City of Banja Luka